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Ayurvedic herbs for Dengue Fever

Ayurvedic herbs for Dengue Fever
There is no specific treatment for dengue fever, but Ayurveda stresses to strengthen the immune system of the body and keeping a control on hyperthermia.
Papaya leaf juice can be great for boosting platelet count in people suffering with dengue. Platelet count comes down drastically in dengue patients, and it can actually have fatal outcomes. Have a look at few important herbs that helps a lot:
* Giloy: Giloy (Tguduchi) juice, along with the Amla and wheat grass juice also helps in improving patient's immunity and platelets.
* Tulsi (Holi basil): You can boil it in water and drink this throughout the day to build your immune system.
* Guduchi: This is also a very useful herb.
* Dhatura: It has potency to reduce the seriousness of dengue fever, but should be strictly taken after consulting Ayurvedic physician.
* Fenugreek: You can take fenugreek leaves in order to reduce your fever.
** Spread this as much as you can, this may save many lives.
Ayurvedic herbs for Dengue Fever

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