Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Ayurvedic herbs to reduce Arthritis

Ayurvedic herbs to reduce Arthritis
Have a look at some important herbs for Arthritis Pain by DrAyurveda: 
* Nirgundi: It is one of the most common herbs used to bring respite in joints. Its potent anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsing and Antioxidant properties help the joints in many ways.
* Ginger: It's known for its exceptional antiseptic properties that help reduce joint pain and swelling.
* Shallaki: This herb is known to keep your joints strong and relieve them from any pain. It not only reduces the pain, but also helps in diminishing the swelling as well.
* Ajwain: It is also such an important herb, when it comes to Arthritis Pain.
* Dashmool: When we talk about this herb, it's not just an Ayurvedic herb, but it's a perfect blend of ten medicinal herbs that are used to cure a variety of ailments. Arthritis Pain is one of them.
Ayurvedic herbs to reduce Arthritis

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