Sunday, December 17, 2023

Improve Eye health in Ayurveda

Improve Eye health in Ayurveda
* An eyes wash routine with cold water every morning, practicing Trataka, consuming Ayurvedic herbs like Amla and Triphala can help improve eye health.
* Ghee is a great remedy to keep the eyes healthy. It has been proven to help prevent cataracts, macular degeneration, and myopia. If you have farsightedness or nearsightedness (myopia), ghee can also help improve the clarity of your vision by increasing the amount of vitamins B6 and C in your body.
* If one consumes 2-5 teaspoons of amla juice with warm water every morning, it can restore defective vision.
* Eat a healthy and balanced diet with some good herbs like Triphala, Amla, Fennel Seeds Etc.
* Apart from above mentioned things, regular yoga practice can help relax your eyesight and can facilitate the normal functioning of your eyes.
Improve Eye health in Ayurveda

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