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Ayurvedic herbs for menstrual cramps

Ayurvedic herbs for menstrual cramps
Ayurveda has a cure for everything and painful menstrual cramps are no different. Here are some important Ayurvedic herbs that will really help you out when it comes to menstrual cramps: 
* Bhutakesi: This is a commonly prescribed herb for cramp relief and it really helps a lot.
* Ajwain (Carom Seeds): It is an amazing home remedy when it comes to easing period cramps.
* Fenugreek Seeds: These are known to reduce period pain. All you need to do is to soak few fenugreek seeds in water for 12 hours and take it.
* Kachur: It is very beneficial in easing period cramps. Take 1 to 3 grams of the herb with lukewarm water and it will help a lot.
* Aloe Vera: You can try Aloe Vera juice every morning and empty stomach, you'll automatically feel the difference.
* Ginger: It really helps a lot in menstrual pain.
* Gud (Jaggery): Eat a small piece of Jaggery and it is so helpful.
Apart from all these effective herbs, you can try a few other things as well:
* Use hot water bag on your lower abdomen to ease the pain.
* Hydrate yourself (Drink plenty of water throughout the day)
* Practice Yoga or indulge yourself in mind exercises.
* Sit in the sunlight for sometime during Sunrise or Sunset as sunlight as the source if Vitamin D, which reduces the production of prostaglandins responsible for causing cramps.
Ayurvedic herbs for menstrual cramps

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